The use of a Personal Private Chef was once only available to the very rich and famous.

CUX now brings this exclusive service into the mainstream with a range of very affordable packages.

Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, any special occasions in your own home… Hire your own Personal Chef who will, after an initial consultation, arrive with everything in hand to make your private eveny a great success, leaving your home in the exact condition it was found in.

A Personal Chef Service does exactly what it says: it’s a totally bespoke service, catering to any culinary requirements required by a client.

CUX has provided Private Chefs to clients for a full, two-week period while
a client had family visiting from abroad, providing everything from daily shopping, a bespoke afternoon tea and two weeks of breakfast, lunch
and dinners.
We have sample menus available for this level of service just get in touch for more information

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